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Best Poem of Easter day 2017 || Happy Easter Day Poem 2017

Special Poems Of Easter Day 2017 For kids and Friends:

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easter day image 2017
easter day image 2017

* The Happy Field and Spring Shower
 Hand in hand, we fluttered like two butterflies
among the fragrant flowers of the field
and meandered, singing songs, along a stream.
No agendas to keep to; no schedules to curtail
the pure pleasure that we took
in consuming every lovely hour of our Saturday.

With our picnic lunch, we sat down on a blanket.
Later we lay looking up at clouds.
Transported to the wonderland of our imagination,
we named them fluffy mountain ranges,
bunnies, sheep, and Easter lily petals
until they morphed into lopsided bearded faces,
huge white polar bears and cotton-breathing dragons.

Unexpectedly, the clouds grew dark, and suddenly,
we saw and felt large raindrops splatter on our skin.
We fled our happy field, arriving home - two children,
wet and laughing, just as the spring shower let up.
How were we to know in the springtime of our lives
that the field and the rain from which we fled
I’d one day write about as  metaphors for youth.
Easter Day Poems 2017


* the pearls from your eyes
are far more precious to me
than any treasure

your big sacrifice
nothing more to compare with
you’re my great hero

I owe you my life
mom, my heart melts when you cry
your tears: pearls of love

that’s the greatness of your love
in you, I feel God

mom, I’m so sorry
sometimes, I make you lonely
but you’re dear to me

you bear all the pains
pearls of great love on your cheeks
every drop, I’ll kiss

for I do believe
you want only the best for me
all your pray’rs and wish

thank you so much mom
those pearls of great mother’s love
be kept in my heart

you’re my only mom
replaceable by no one
comfort and best friend

my ardent prayers
may you live long in this world
may God gives you strength

* What I would give to have lived during Your time,
it makes me wonder...would I have believed?
Water into wine, what a moment sublime,
touching your garments, would healing I receive?

Up that sycamore fig, I would also climb
heed Your parables; be at Mt. Olives.
Would I be like Peter, and falter at sea?
Would I fall asleep at Gethsemane?

With each step You took towards Calvary,
after the mocks, scourges and crown of thorns,
under the heat of that sun, where would I be?
I wonder, would I have walked with You, or scorn?

My soul aches, as my heart answers honestly...
I fall on my knees, and ask to be reborn.
Keeping vigil by the Cross, with candles lit,
thankful for Easter—redemption for spirit.
Best Easter Day Poems 2017

* jesus died and jerusalem went black
the wind howled and the sky thundered loudly
people ran in fear as the earth moaned
but the beloved stayed
jesus was buried in the early evening

     "jesus fortold his coming death"

those who believed in him carried his limp body
and the mary's and others followed weeping
they washed and anointed him with myrrh and aloe
wrapping him gently in a linen cloth with no words spoken
in sadness they rolled a huge stone over the entrance
leaving him in silence within his tomb

it was in the hush of dawn on the third day the Mary's returned
they found the stone rolled away and the tomb empty
the soldiers who had been guarding the tomb had fled in fear
an angel in brilliant light appeared
telling them that Christ had risen from the dead
frightened and in shock they ran to tell the apostles

     "on the third day he arose" Nicene creed

after his rising, Jesus appeared to many
he could eat, walk and talk to those he visited
showing them the holes in his hands, side and feet
and allowing them to touch him
for forty days he remained and on the fortieth day he rose
he was carried up into heaven
Best Easter Day Poems 2017


* The Pain and the Agony

The Pain and the Agony
Jesus felt that day;
It tortured His being;
Death held no delay.
Even to take a breath
The pain was so extreme;
The sins of us all,
Crushed him beam to beam.

The cross of the Romans;
Built to inflict much pain.
The pain of our sin-bearer
Was suffered for our gain.
Because He truly loves us,
He was prepared to die.
Stricken on the cross,
Few heard His agonizing cry!

The cross was one of victory—
Victory over death,
When Christ gave up the Spirit;
Breathed His last breath.
Satan in his ignorance
Thought he’d finally won;
Didn’t know this was just the beginning;
New life would be given God's only Son.

The Pain and the Agony;
Blood was shed for you and me.
This ultimate sacrifice
God gave to set us free;
Freedom from the bondage
Of sin that Satan brought,
Upon a sinless Eden,
To bring us sin's onslaught.
Best Poems Of Easter Day 2017


* I want to write a poem about Easter for you Lord
Easter is a special Day
A day that you had died for us and were raised from the dead
A day when one’s sins are forgiven once they believe in You
And accept You as their Savior
A day where one becomes new as you raised from the dead
So he or she is raised from the spiritual death
A day to celebrate Life –the Eternal Life
Your Life, our Life
Life is possible only after you obeyed and followed your Father’s  will
Life is possible only after you endured the pain and gave up your life
It’s because of You that we now can be with you and have Life - eternal
The sacrificial Lamb
Because of You Jesus, our sins are forgiven and we are perfect in God’s eyes
Because of You, we can enjoy the life here now on earth and then will too in Heaven
We are new creations –our old ones are gone
We are free
No longer bound to sins and death
Because of You, nothing can touch us
We are separated by the Blood of the King
Because of You, we received our healing in advance
You paid with your life for us at Calvary
God did not forsake You
Just like He did not forsake us
And sent You to take our place
Thank you Jesus for what you’ve done
Died in our place – You who have no sins
Became sins for us
Jesus, that is what Easter meant for us
Indebted to you Lord
Forever our Rescuer, Redeemer, Deliverer
Best Poems Of Easter Day 2017


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