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16+ Happy Good friday Message 2017 | Best Message Of Good Friday | Best Good Friday Messages

Best Message of Good Friday 2017:

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Good Friday marked as the day of death of Jesus, which is falling on April 14, 2017. It is considered as a Holy Friday & Black Friday when people perform prayers & keep fast in the Catholic church. The significant Good Friday worship services start toward the evening at 3:00 PM The traditions and prayers related with Good Friday ordinarily concentrate on the subject of Christ's sacrificial demise for our sins. 
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Best Good Friday Text Message 2017 for Friends:

When u face problems in life,
don’t ask GOD to take them away.
Ask Him to show His purpose,
Ask ways how to live a day searching his purpose for u
Happy Good friday Message 2017

He Showed Us The Way
He Has Long Been Gone
And Yet In Our Hearts
His Name Shines On.
Good Friday message 2017

I know that Jesus is always there with you. But on this special day, I want to tell you that I will also be there with you for life with unconditional love. Wishing you Happy Good Friday.
Happy Good friday Message 2017 

Sometimes I want God 2 be so
comfortable in my heart that He
could sit back in a lounge chair,
when all the while
He is looking for a throne
Good Friday message 2017

For God so loved the world
That he gave his only begotten son
To be crucified & perished
For the sins of the world
And saved humanity
May God bless us all on this
Good Friday!
Happy Good friday Message 2017

I know Jesus is with you?
But I’ll also be there for you?
Whenever you need me?
Have a blessed Good Friday!
Best Message Of Good friday 2017

“Happy Friday! Focus
where you want to go
today and then set everything to go there.
The 1st hour of the entire day counts!”
Good Friday message 2017

Let us bow our heads and fold our hands in prayer to thank the Lord for his love, support, guidance and protection. Let us thank him for everything he has bestowed our lives with. Happy Good Friday.
Good Friday message 2017

“In the event that Christ is God,
He can’t sin, and if enduring was a
wrongdoing in and without anyone else,
He couldn’t have languished and kicked
the bucket over us. Be that as it may,
since He took the most terrible passing
to recover us, He demonstrated to us truth
be told that agony and torment have
extraordinary force.”
Happy Good friday Message 2017

Magnify the Cross! God has hung the fate
of the race upon it. Different things we
might do in the domain of morals, and on
the lines of humanitarian changes;
however our fundamental obligation merges
into setting that one eminent guide of salvation,
Calvary’s Cross, before the look of each unfading soul.”
Best Message Of Good friday 2017

Though He is not there with us but He will also inspire us to do good. He will always motivate us to live a positive and responsible life. Wishing you blessed and Happy Good Friday my darling.
Best Message Of Good friday 2017
On this occasion, I pray to Lord to fill your heart with peace and happiness, to protect you with his blessings and love, to be always there with you. Happy Good Friday to the man I love.
Best Message Of Good friday 2017

So might we join the pupils of our Lord,
keeping confidence in Him regardless of
the torturous killing, and making prepared,
by our steadfastness to Him in the times of
His murkiness, for the time when we should
go into His triumph in the times of His light.”
Best Message Of Good friday 2017

Good Friday Message For Boss:

If you put God first, everything good will follow.
message of good friday for boss

Have faith and you will definitely have a life that follows the light of the Lord.
Good friday message for Boss

You are blessed to be given another chance to live. Make use of it and be a blessing just like what Jesus Christ is to us. Have a Good Friday.
Good friday message for Boss

The greatness of the Lord is once again proved!
message of good friday for boss

He died will be alive again so soon. Be prepared for His coming!
Good friday message for Boss

A life He sacrificed means a new life and hope for us.
message of good friday for boss

He is our Savior and forever He will be with us!
message of good friday for boss


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