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**7+Popular Lyrics Songs & Poems Of Good Friday 2017 | Good friday 2017 Songs and Poems

Happy Good Friday Lyrics Songs, Poem 2017:

First to wish you all happy good friday 2017, its not far from us so i hope you will celebrated this day with your friends. In German-speaking countries, Good Friday is generally referred to as Karfreitag (Kar from Old High German kara‚ "bewail","mourn", "grieve", Freitag for "Friday"): Mourning Friday. The Kar prefix is an ancestor of the English word "care" in the sense of cares and woes; it meant mourning. The day is also known as Stiller Freitag ("Silent Friday") and Hoher Freitag. Here i covered Best Poem and songs Of Good friday 2017 so scroll down and get Best songs of good friday. 

In my earlier post "{**14+** }Happy Good Friday Picture | Clipart | 2017 : Best Picture Clipart Greeting Cards Of Good Friday 2017" i had shared with you top Quality Hd image picture of good friday 2017 , i hope u will enjoy these picture . I have also Best Bible Prayer Of Good Friday 2017 if you wanna listen these then come to here "Best Good Friday Catholic Prayer 2017 : Best Prayer of Good Friday 2017 For Jesus" and shared with your partner. Good Friday Quotes 2017 choose from here and shared with your friends.    

Happy good friday poem 2017
Happy good friday poem 2017

Awesome Song and Poem Of good friday 2017:

Good Friday Poems 2017:

I took a walk upon a hill called Calvary.
They had hung this man upon an old rugged tree.
His body was bruised and beaten so bad.
They had pressed a crown of thorns on this man's head.
They had nailed his hands and nailed his feet.
He looked so very tired, he looked so very weak.
I pressed myself closer so that I may better see.

I asked the people who might this man be.
They said his name's Jesus and he's the Son of God.
A sacrifice he said he's made for one and for all.
Then he cried, "My God, hast thou forsaken me."
But that's not the case for he came to make all men free.
He cried, "Father, forgive them" and bowed his head down.
I couldn't speak or move, for I was totally spellbound.

The thief cried, "Jesus, remember me."
He replied, "I go to Paradise and you'll be with me."
Jesus said to John, "Behold, now there's your mother."
For he said he'll rise and sit at the right hand of his Father.
He looked towards his mother and said, "there's your Son."
And that's all it took and the adoption was done.

He lifted his head and exclaimed that he thirst.
The crowd started to laugh and that made his pain worse.
He said, "Father, I commend my spirit to you."
He looked towards Heaven and I looked up there too.
I heard music and praise from a heavenly host.
Jesus whispered "IT IS FINISHED," and he gave up
his Ghost.
But that's not how this story has to end.
For three days later, Jesus rises again.

Good Friday lyrics songs 2017:

If you grew up with white boys
Who only look at black and Puerto Rican porno
Cause they want something that their dad don't got
Then you know where you're at

Mortaring your earholes shut in a rush with wet coke
In a Starbucks bathroom with the door closed
On booze, I'm left in residue and confused
Like the first time you used soft water
Down on my luck, caught unaware
Like Houdini when the last fist struck

If I'm sinking in, laughing at something sunken in, I am.

Sucking dick for drink tickets
At the free bar at my cousin's bat mitzvah
Cutting the punch line and it ain't no joke
Devoid of all hope, circus mirrors and pot smoke
Picking fights on dyke night
With shirlies and lokes and snatching purses

Doing Elton on karaoke and forgetting all the verses
Blowing kisses to disinterested bitches
Playing lead lay in a bad way on Broadway
Sending sexy SMS's to my exes new man cause i can
On the road trying to break an old van
Eating pussy for new fangs, I am, what the hell
Using Purell till my hands bleed and swell
Missing Mel at a Motel 6, I'm unwell, if

If I'm sinking in, laughing at something sunken in, I am.

It feels exciting, touching your handwriting
Getting horny by reading it and repeating poor me
Intently staring at the picture of your feet on the sticker
At the R. Crumb exhibit, I wonder who's sicker

Jerking off in an art museum john till my dick hurts
The kind of shit I won't admit to my head shrinker
Not even in a whisper to my own little sister
I just act like a dick and talk shit when I'm with her

Aught six, I'll say the Friday before Easter
Was not good, I cried to myself in the pisser
And with you in the front row at the Silver Jews show
And you act like you didn't notice, my fear of the bear
At Showbiz Pizza when I saw six was overwhelming and not dissimilar to this

If I'm sinking in, laughing at something sunken in, I am.

At Jacob Han's on tour I wake up
Hung over on a hardwood floor
From a dream about how your dress
Hangs off of your little breasts
I'd rather be dead than call this song
"How I lost your respect" but god bless or get neglected
And I'll see you when the sun sets east, don't forget me


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