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Top & Best Quotes Saying of 15 August 2017 || Independence Day Quotes 2017

15 August Independence Day Quotes 2016: 

Hello Friends hows you ??? You know In 15 august 1947  we got freedom from british Empire so for learn that day we make independence Day every 15 August of ever year and enjoy this Day because this day very big day for all Indian people. we all people proud feel and do learn that day those freedom fighters who was fight for freedom India. So now this day we shared Best Quotes Of 15 august 2017 with friends and relative. If you want 15 August Independence Day 2016 Wallpaper then come to my link "# 15+ Hd Image, Picture & Wallpaper Of 15 August Independence Day 2017 || Happy Independence Day 2017" and then shared with your friends and i have also Best Message Of 15 August Independent Day 2016 so if you really want these images then come to here "Happy Independence Day 2017 Hindi Message || 15 August Hindi Messages 2017" and get Best Ones from here and shared with your best ones and also your friends.

The struggle started in 1857 – a fight for freedom and the Indian National Congress in 20th century under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi started Independence movement and soon the colonial powers were transferred to India. Soon, the celebration started at 11 pm on August 14, 1947 and India gained its freedom at the midnight. Hence, Independence Day marks the start of new era where India took more than 200 years to acquire its right and liberty.

15 august 2017 image
15 august 2017 image 

 Inspirational Quotes for 71th Independence Day 2017 :

Be the cause of unity, Fight against corruption, Flair the flag of our nation Happy Independence Day 2017

Over The Years That Has Passed
15th Aug is just another holiday i thought
with the very recent wisdom i have got
i salute the leaders who had fouhht
15 august 2017 Quotes Saying

saare jahan se achchha hindustan hamara
hum bul bue hain iske ye gulsitan humara humara
hind he hum hindi he hum hindosita humara
jai hind
15 august 2017 Quotes Saying

Around the eve of Independence Day, President of India addressed towards the entire Nation and also the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian flag at Red Fort in Delhi.
15 august 2017 Quotes Saying

we the youth,let’s speak the turth
sathya meva jayathe
15 august 2017 Quotes Saying

Each day,each hour
each minute and each second
makes me proud to be a part of
a country called India and
We are the Indians
Independence 2017 Quotes Saying

Aside from this, 21 gun shots are fired to dignify and honor the occasion. Further the Indian national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana” is sang followed by march past of numerous divisions from the Indian Military and paramilitary forces.
Independence 2017 Quotes Saying

Independence Day – a proud occasion for the Indians around the world who pay tribute to the great leaders and freedom martial artists as well as people display National Flag on their own attires.
Independence 2017 Quotes Saying

India ho ya ho canada ya ho sansaar
bharatiyeta meri surakhshit hai
bachon kay mann mein gary,apnatayv,ashinsa,prem ban kar
aur prem hadon aur lakeeron say paray hota hai
Independence 2017 Quotes Saying

Well, Independence Day is among the best day when patriotism reaches its peak. We’ve shared top ten best quotes which you’ll send across and reignite the fireplace of brotherhood among Indians.
Independence 2017 Quotes Saying


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